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Interiorum Observatorium

In many ways, I feel Ive always been a Scientist. But none so much as the way I enjoy observing every passing detail of the natural world around us (which I now appreciate as a form of Meditation). My most vivid early childhood memories are of the El Paso sun on my face, the clouds rolling across the eastern front of Franklin mountain, playing with lizards, scorpions and tarantulas (really just all the coolest bugs!), endlessly mesmerizing forms of cacti, and  the smell of sagebrush before the rain. Oh! And the ROCKS!!! So, so many rocks…

In retrospect, that was the beginning of a lifetime of looking outward and learning about every fascinating detail of Earth. The Universe was my Observatorium, and I was the breathlessly captivated Dork at the center of it all.

Scholastically in my scientific exploration, I then went inward and memorized literally every part of the human body, every cell, every element that makes up every molecule that drives every chemical reaction- the micro universe within us!

It felt like a good way to gain a thorough understanding of it all, til I wondered “Why?”, and come up lacking.

But it wasn’t until I studied yoga that I realized what connects us to the world around us, to everything, is the expression of our Energetic Spirituality (not sure that’s an actual term, but it’s the best I can come up with to describe the phenomenon we all sense).

Here is a morning yoga flow for you to practice cultivating your own mind-body connection.

Where I don’t believe yoga is the only way to fully appreciate this phenomenon, I do believe it’s one which has been a reliably intuitive and capable tool for preparing the body and mind to link-up with each other, and in turn, the Collective Consciousness.

Enter the realm of the Interium Observatorium.

I invite you this week in your continued personal exploration of yoga and meditation to consider observing how it feels.  Relax, breathe, and feel the way it connects your outer world with your inner world. Contemplate perhaps what it means to your inner world when different aspects of the outer world are introduced, ie: through the quality of air you breathe, water you drink, food you eat, and the Earth you walk on…  For example: Imagine the molecules of air as you inhale them from the atmosphere, entering your lungs, being absorbed into your blood stream, and nourishing your tissues. The interconnectivity of it.

The Oneness.

This week I encourage you to join me in trying this slightly longer meditation program guided by Deepak Chopra, which focuses on opening the minds ability to listen to the body.

This will, in turn, have profound effects in your yoga practice as well, as you enter into the notion that yoga is, in actuality, simply another form of moving meditation.

Until next week, my Friends.

Happy Growing!🙏🏽

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