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Old Fires Are Burning…

If you already know me, you’re aware that I’ve embarked on a yogic journey once before. About 8years ago, I committed to a “Year of Yoga”.

That experience opened me up in so many amazing ways, and was the sole reason I was able to navigate some serious challenges, and allow myself to accept surprising gifts that came across my path at the time. That’s where I learned to truly appreciate exactly what type of flexibility yoga provided. It was as though with every stretch of my muscles, tendons, and ligaments, my consciousness was also expanding. With every skeletal realignment, I felt my thoughts become more clear and my actions more intentional. Through a tumultuous transition, my entire life changed for the better, and my pre-yoga self would never have been capable of the patience, forgiveness, and availability to be loved- which that time in my life required of me.

However, once the dust settled, I became distracted and complacent. Literally just going through the motions during my yoga practice, which eventually (and predictably) stalled-out. Over the past few years I’ve tried to kick-start it over and over again, without success. I realized if I were to grow again, I should probably start back at the beginning, only this time I have the advantage of hindsight and focus. Realizing what an immense advantage that was, and having spent the time hitting the books on Holistic Health, I decided to take you all along with me, and serve as an informal guide and interpreter of the yogic map. And that has made all the difference! I am so eager, energized, and enabled to make this an exciting group field trip!

Last week was all about Alignment. And guess what? As the foundational aspect of yoga, every week is about Alignment, haha! I mentioned the ancient and time-tested element of this principle, and the feedback I received was that perhaps we should take a deep-dive into how that is portrayed in various ways. Rather than telling you myself, I figured I’d leave it to those who actually study this exclusively. Here is a short, but fascinating video centered around the not-so-obvious advantages and benefits of proper Alignment in your mind and body. The speaker, Sadhguru, is among my favorite humans. I really connect with his insights, delivery, and humor.

I’ll also be posting a short 15minute yoga video by “Yoga with Adrienne” for you to try this week as an Alignment and Posture tutorial. Take the tips from the video into your work/daily life, as you find that aligning your posture facilitates easy breathing, and has profound effects on your overall mood. I will personally commit to doing this same video at least three times this week.

As you come across any questions or comments you may have, please feel free to use our discussion forum here at, or by interacting with our Facebook page. These videos will also be posted there. Until next week, my friends.

Happy Growing!❤️🙏🏽❤️

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